Nordic Young Anaesthesiologists’ Session

30 August 13.00-14.15 Tivoli Congress Hall

Nordic Young Anaesthesiologists’ Session

Chairs: Joachim Hoffmann-Petersen and Steffen Kløve Albæk Pedersen


Lethal Leadership – The Myths of Modern Management

Christian Ørsted (DK)


Compassion – a psychologic strategy, not the feeling

Nanja Holland Hansen (US)


Christian Ørsted, M.Sc. (Economics and business administration) is a leading expert in business management and bestselling author of ‘Lethal leadership’; a book that discusses the detrimental effects of modern management. In his lecture, he will unravel how modern management strategies can be lethal to employees and institutions. He will discuss why and when we fall over the edge, what we can do to avoid it, and how we can change focus from short-term solutions to sustainable management that ensures long-term productivity.


Nanja Holland Hansen, M.Sc (Psychology), licensed psychologist, grew an interest in compassion cultivation training (CCT) when working at Stanford University as a clinical psychologist. She is a certified senior CCT teacher from Stanford University and a researcher at Aarhus University, Institute for Clinical Medicine. Currently, her main focus is testing the effectiveness of a Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT) Programme. In NYA, we urge to reduce burnout and suicide rates among colleagues and asked Ms. Hansen for strategies to do so in practice. In her talk, she will explain how CCT works and why training self-compassion is particularly important in professions characterised by high levels of physical and emotional stress, external and internal expectations and risk of error. She believes Compassion Training may be an answer.